Personally, I like Season 2 the best!!! It had the best episodes! (e.g. iKiss, iReunite With Missy, iWant Locker 239, iFight Shelby Marx, iPie, iStage an Intervention...the list goes on and on!) I like some episodes more than others, but there's no episode in this season that I truly hate. Well, actually, there is iLook Alike, but that's it, and even that one's not that bad. Oh, and iDate a Bad Boy. Plus, Nathan Kress got sexy, this season! That being said, it also has the best Seddie moments! :D

I didn't like Season 1 that much, because the characters seemed kind of off. I know that this is because it was the first season, but it's still really weird to go back and watch it, now.

Season 3 was pretty good, but it had a bunch of "hype" episodes, like iThink They Kissed, iSaved Your Life, iSpace Out, iBeat The Heat and iQuit iCarly. It's not that these episodes weren't good, but it just wasn't at all what they advertised. Therefore, some episodes were below expectations.

So far, Season 4 seems to be doing well. Although, I didn't like iSell Penny Tees, and I wasn't too crazy about iDo, either. Also, they seem to be "hyping" up the episodes, again. Almost every episode so far as been a "special", as well as the upcoming one, iStart a Fanwar. I just really hope they don't let us down, this season, especially since it could be the last one.

So what do you guys think???? Which season is your favorite and why? Please comment and discuss below!!!!


Cartoonprincess 18:23, November 13, 2010 (UTC)Cartoonprincess;)

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