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Whodunit? xD

NOTE: Okay, I got this idea off of a Gumball episode. (What do you expect? I'm CARTOONprincess. lol) It's basically a parody of those "mansion mysteries" where everyone's a suspect, but it usually ends up being the butler. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? Just try to play along. :P

SCENE 1':'

[Sam and Freddie are in the iCarly studio; Carly barges in, looking ditressed]

Carly: [in British accent] Oh, no! Good heavens, my bracelet's been stolen!!!!

[Sam and Freddie glance at eachother guiltily]

Carly: [points in shock] Why do you both look at eachother in a guilty fashion????

[Sam and Freddie shrug]

Carly: [angry] ANSWER ME!!!

Sam: [in British accent] I have absolutely no idea where the bracelet you speak of is. [crosses arms]

Carly: [eyes widen] Sam, is that a....taco you're holding?

Sam: [eyes widen while chewing] No... [Tries to hide taco]

Carly: [distressed] Oh really? Because if I recall correctly, I was wearing the bracelet in question while I was at the Fiesta Bowl with you, not 15 minutes ago.

Sam: [angry and defensive] How does that prove anything???

Carly: You probably took the bracelet while I was in the bathroom, then went to get another taco and put it in the take-out bag!

Sam: [angry] How dare you accuse me of such a petty crime? I would never wear a bracelet that girly, anyway!

[Carly groans loudly and hides her head in her arms]


Freddie: [in British accent] Carly, stop giving Sam a hard time. I'm sure she didn't take the bracelet.

Carly: [slowly lifts head with a posessed gleam in her eye] Why are you all of a sudden defending Sam, Freddie? Is it possible that you were in on all this?

Freddie: [shocked] What?

Carly: It's as clear as day; you're trying to lift the burden off of Sam so that no one would ever suspect you!

Freddie: I'm appalled that you would think that!

Carly: [takes Freddie's hand] Wait a minute. You have taco sauce all over your hands!

Freddie: [eyes widen and timidly hides hands] No, I don't.

Carly: It all makes sense, now! Sam put the bracelet in the take-out bag, only to be taken out by you, so that you could hide the crime.


[Spencer slowly and quietly enters the room, looking cautious; Carly turns and points with an eerie smile]

Carly: [raspy voice] SPENCER.

Spencer: [eyes widen] I didn't do it!

Carly: [eyes twitch] Didn't do what!? [evil chuckle]

Spencer: Whatever it is you're acting so crazy about.

Carly: Spencer, why is your shirt all messy?

Spencer: [hesitant] I was um, working....on a sculpture.

Carly: [scoffs] Likely story. [sniffs Spencer] What's that smell? Could it be...[eyes widen] spaghetti????

Spencer: [eyes widen] Uh-oh. She's on to us, guys!

Carly: AH-HA!

Sam: NO!

Freddie: Carly, it's not what you think!

Carly: [raspy] Oh, but it is. We all know that spaghetti noodles love to reside in taco shells.


[Nevel pops out of the iCarly car prop]

Nevel: I know who did it!

Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer: [startled] AHHHH!

Sam: Nevel!?

Carly: What are you doing here???

Nevel: I was spying on you.

Spencer: Hey, what happened to everyone's British accents?

Carly: [confused] Wait, so you were spying on us...?

Nevel: Yes, I do so every Tuesday, from 3-6 PM; and sometimes I sneak in at 1 AM and watch you sleep.

Sam: Wait, you can't be here at 1 AM, that's when I raid their fridge!

Freddie: And besides, today is Thursday.

Carly: WAIT! So, then you know who stole my bracelet???

Nevel: Indeed.

Carly: [eye twitches; posessed smile] Nevel...tell me who did it, you sweet...sweet boy....

Nevel: [smiles develishly] No, I don't think I will.

Carly: [runs after Nevel] TELL ME!!!!!!!

[Sam and Freddie try to restrain her]


[Gibby enters the scene]

Gibby: What is going on!?

Sam: Get outta here, Gibby! You're not a part of this mystery parody!

Freddie: Then again, neither was Nevel.

[They both nod in agreement]

Carly: [creeped out] Gibby, are you wearing my lip gloss?

Gibby: [wipes lips] No...


Carly: [in British accent] Okay, one of you in this room has stolen my bracelet, and I will find out who it is, if it's the last thing I do! [laughs maniacaly and psychotically]

So, who do you think did it? Gibby? Nevel? Her best friends? Her own brother?

Man, that was terrible, I'm sorry. :( LOL

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