NOTE: All of this just kind of occured to me, recently. Dunno if it was worth making into a blog, but whatever. xP

I've realized something...

As we all know, we are in iCarly's final season. Now, this came as a shock to a lot of people. A lot of us were expecting it to end soon, but not this soon. Why didn't more of us see this coming?

Because it doesn't feel like the final season.

A final season is all about closure.

Take Wizards of Waverly Place for example; we could all tell that the 4th season was the last because they took the time to tie all the loose ends, such as with Alex/Mason and Justin/Juliet, among other things. Even Hannah Montana did this in its final season, because it took place during her senior year and the last episodes dealt with her letting go of her Hannah personality, as well as her relationships with Lilly and Jesse. Granted, neither of these shows were my favorite, but I still liked and watched it, and I think the writers did a good job of ending everything on a decent note.

However, in the last season of iCarly, instead of tying loose ends, Dan seems to be opening more cans of worms by reintroducing Creddie elements and having more Seddie conflict/tension than ever. Worst of all, the entire gang does not seem as close as it once was.

Assuming that the characters are all seniors in high school now, they should be focusing more on what they're going to be doing after they graduate and what will become of the webshow. I get that iCarly is supposed to be a fun show and it isn't traditionally big on continuity, but they should at least be partially wrapping things up.

From what I understand, the entire series is supposed to end with some big TV movie, and I sincerely hope that Dan takes this opportunity to possibly discuss some of these matters, as well as hopefully bring the gang back together so we can see some long-awaited Late-Season 2/Season 3 heart. :)

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