NOTE: Yes, that's right; I actually took the unnecessary time and effort to create a list that counts down every episode from my least favorite to my all-time favorite. Don't ask me what my standards were, because I'm not quite sure. I was on chat while I was making most of this. Notice that my Top 3 episodes are iOMG, iGet Pranky and iQuit iCarly; iOMG because of the beautiful Seddie, iGet Pranky because I simply find it hilarious, and I picked iQuit iCarly as my #1 because of the dramatic development for the trio. xD But now I'm boring you with my words; just read the stinking list...please! LOL :P

{from lowest to highest}

iStake Out

iSell Penny Tees

iHatch Chicks

iGot Detention

iAm Your Biggest Fan

iCarly Saves TV

iLook Alike


iMeet Fred

iDon't Wanna Fight

iScream on Halloween

iMight Switch Schools

iWant More Viewers

iSaw Him First

iSpy a Mean Teacher

iPromise Not To Tell

iHurt Lewbert

iOwe You

iWanna Stay With Spencer


iWant a World Record

iRue the Day

iGive Away a Car

iRocked the Vote

iStart a Fanwar

iBeat the Heat



iWant My Website Back

iWill Date Freddie

iHire an Idiot


iHave a Lovesick Teacher

iCarly Awards

iFind Lewbert's Lost Love


iSam's Mom

iGo To Japan

iPity the Nevel

iHeart Art

iGot a Hot Room

iFix a Popstar

iGo Nuclear

iParty With Victorious

iWon't Cancel the Show

iMake Sam Girlier

iTake on Dingo

iDream of Dance

iWin a Date

iHate Sam's Boyfriend


iEnrage Gibby

iBelieve in Bigfoot

iWas a Pageant Girl

iLike Jake

iDate a Bad Boy

iFight Shelby Marx

iStage an Intervention

iMust Have Locker 239


iHave My Principals

iSpace Out


iReunite With Missy


iMove Out


iThink They Kissed

iSaved Your Life

iSpeed Date


iGet Pranky

iQuit iCarly

Now I challenge you to create your own episode countdown. And yes, I expect you to use all the episodes. :) Here's a tip: organize individual countdowns by season and then blend 'em all together at the end. I didn't do this, but looking back on it, it would have been very helpful. So...yeah. xD

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