in this little halloween story for icarly - the icarly crew plus spencer and freddies mom and gibby go out camping and hear an urben ledgend of skinned tom - a zombie or ghost that has a disturbing prejudice agianst teenagers . sam not beliveing the story walks away only to see the silloute of skinnd tom walking down the road towards her , she flees (unchaterisicly) back to the camp (with tommy boy following her) freddie has brouaght a camrea with him so they can find skinnd tom ( bliar witch parody)

meanwhile spencer is trying to teach gibby into makeing a sculpture out of logs rocks twigs and mud . ms benson walks in and finds the sculptre ..... intersting .

in the woods carly sam and freddie hear the laughter of skinnd tom comeing after them , after runing though the woods freddie's camrea collapes .

the next day they see spencers and gibby sclupture and dont really react . freddie looks through the woods and finds his camrea while looking thorgh the footage he see's what apears to be tom climbing up a tree and hideing . when the icarly crew are about to head home that night they look out the rear veiw window to see skinnd tom chaseing them and gianing up speed . skinnd tom nearly catchs them only for spencer to suddenly stop causing tom to bump into the back of the r.v . sam reach's out and through's a brick into skinnd toms face knocking him off the road into a pretty deep ditch ..................... .

the next day they show the footage of skinnd tom on the icarly website gian so many viewers .

i hope you can come up with a better story then that. becuse i just love to hear horror storys ideas for kidshows

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