• Caterina Shapiro

    I'm just really bored right now. I'll share my random thoughts.

    Why are cowboys called cowboys? Shouldn't they be called horseboys? Even if they do wear cow skin, it doesn't make sense to me.

    What if the world actually ends? Then we're screwed. Oh my gosh, I'm paranoid now, thank you brain.

    When shall people stop fanwarring? Never probably. Oh, well.

    Do the admins actually do anything? There was some really huge shipwarring on the iRescue Carly page, yet nothing really happens.

    Why am I writing a blog?

    Why am I sick?

    Why is my house ridden with ants?

    Why did I knock the lenses out of my 3D glasses?

    Is carrot juice tasty?

    Why is enough not enough?

    What the heck does 'an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind/ mean?

    Why am I still typing?

    Why do I spend …

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