• Cc71

    Sooo, a lot of people have been asking me how to PM multiple people. Just add chat hacks. No, it is not illegal to use these chat hacks. These hacks were created by wikia members at the community central wiki.

    To get them, go to and add

    Now, be sure to do a hard refresh:

    • Internet Explorer: hold down the Ctrl key and click the Refresh or Reload button, or press Ctrl+F5.
    • Firefox: hold down the Shift key while clicking Reload; alternatively press Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl-Shift-R.
    • Opera users have to clear their caches through Tools→Preferences
    • Konqueror and Safari users can just click the Reload button.
    • Chrome: press Ctrl+F5 or Shift+F5

    In order to use your chat hacks, you have to enter chat from the si…

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  • Cc71

    Happy birthday to EpicFork!!

    Even though Epic's not really active anymore, I just wanted to wish an amazing girl a happy birthday. She's been such an amazing friend to me and I know she's done so much for this wiki.

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  • Cc71

    Users and Chat

    July 3, 2012 by Cc71

    Hi guys, I haven't written a blog in a long time. Some of you may know me here, but I'm not that active here anymore, and I'm mostly on the Victorious Wiki. I've seen the drama over Z!'s blog over there and here, and I'd just like to add my two cents even if nobody reads it. This is in general about users and chat.

    Some people have been complaining that this wiki's chat isn't welcoming. To an extent, I agree. But I also understand why. The whole "cliquey" effect happens in every popular chat. The reason it seems a bigger problem here is just because of how popular this wiki is and how long it's been running. Everyone who's been here for a long time and goes on chat often has become so close, almost like real life friends. For those of you w…

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  • Cc71

    Yep, I know this blog is quite out of place on a day full of admin-related blogs, (really excited about the voting system btw, and best of luck to all the nominees!)

    but I just wanted to say Happy 11/11/11 Day to everyone, (hopefully it's not too late for some of you!)

    and Happy Veteran's Day to fellow Americans. Thanks to all those who served our country.

    Don't forget to make a wish at 11:11 today! :)

    Cc71Talk to me! 00:56, November 12, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Cc71

    Hey guys, I've decided to make another 'Last Episode Standing' game for older episodes! (The Seddie Arc and Season 4 onward ones are still open for voting! We have yet to decide a winner)

    1. iPilot: 10

    2. iWant More Viewers: 10

    3. iDream of Dance: 9 [-]

    4. iLike Jake: 10

    5. iWanna Stay with Spencer: 11 [+]

    6. iNevel: 10

    7. iScream on Halloween: 9 [-]

    8. iSpy a Mean Teacher: 10

    9. iWill Date Freddie: 10

    Add a point to your favorite. Show where you added by putting a plus sign after it. (As I have above) Y'ou may only add to one episode.'

    Subtract a point from your least favorite. Put a minus sign You may subtract from up to 3 episodes.

    Copy and paste the episode/points list from the last person's comment into a new comment (not a reply).

    New rule: You ma…

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