Hey guys! I'm new to wikia so I'd like to get to know some of you!!!

I welcome any comments here related to iCarly in any way, but mainly, I'd love it if you'd answer some of these questions that I will also be answering.

1. Have you seen all the iCarly episodes? If not, which ones have you not seen?

I've seen everything but I've only seen iPilot and iWant More Viewers online.

2. What's your favorite episode and why? Name as many as you want.

iTake on Dingo is just comedy gold. iPromise not to Tell is hilarious and it also teaches people to be honest. lol

3. What's your least favorite episode and why? Name as many as you want.

iSell Penny Tees... Sam was being really evil, there wasn't a good plot, and the episode doesn't end with a "the characters learned something and got what they deserved"..... I didn't like many of the other season 4 episodes but they're better than iSPT.

4. What do you ship and why? (Please no ship-warring)

I love Seddie because of all their interactions, but I won't be that mad if Creddie happens.

5. What's your favorite character and why?

I love all the characters in different ways. Spencer is hilarious, Sam is tough and funny, Freddie is cute and nice, Carly is a good friend, and Gibby is randomly funny.

6. What's your favorite non-main character and why?

I think Mrs. Benson is really funny. I definitely wouldn't want a Mrs. Benson in my life but she's so funny on the show.

7. What's your favorite season and why?

I love Season 2 episodes because they have good plot, the characters are well-developed and yeah it's just perfect for the actors and the stories they've designed.

8. Well, I don't wana make you guys answer too many questions but what do you guys know about iOMG and iPwV and what are you hoping for? ;P

In iOMG, I hope some Seddie happens and stuff but I don't have my hopes too high because season 4 has been disappointing for me. iPwV sounds awesome and I can't wait til June....are you kidding me lol

THANK YOU GUYS for reading my first blog! I hope you guys have a wonderful day :)

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