Hey guys, I've decided to make another 'Last Episode Standing' game for older episodes! (The Seddie Arc and Season 4 onward ones are still open for voting! We have yet to decide a winner)

1. iPilot: 10

2. iWant More Viewers: 10

3. iDream of Dance: 9 [-]

4. iLike Jake: 10

5. iWanna Stay with Spencer: 11 [+]

6. iNevel: 10

7. iScream on Halloween: 9 [-]

8. iSpy a Mean Teacher: 10

9. iWill Date Freddie: 10

Add a point to your favorite. Show where you added by putting a plus sign after it. (As I have above) Y'ou may only add to one episode.'

Subtract a point from your least favorite. Put a minus sign You may subtract from up to 3 episodes.

Copy and paste the episode/points list from the last person's comment into a new comment (not a reply).

New rule: You may vote once every hour. If you comment more than once within 60 minutes and anyone else catches it, your vote won't count. :P

ALRIGHTY! Go vote! :)

Would you like me to make another 'Last Episode Standing'?

The poll was created at 04:20 on September 28, 2011, and so far 9 people voted.

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