Hey guys! I've got a game for you! So I saw Ciria's blog on Victorious wiki called Last Song Standing, and I thought that'd be fun to do here, except with episodes. Obviously iCarly has too many episodes to do at once, so I decided to do Season 4 to the present for now.

Basically, I give a list of episodes below, and you vote on your favorite and least favorite episodes. They all start with 10 points, and then you add a point to your favorite and subtract a point from your least favorite. Put a plus and a minus by the episodes you added or subtracted points from, respectively. UPDATE: To make things go faster, you can put one plus and as many minuses (on different episodes of course) as you want every time you vote now! Copy and paste the episode/points list from the last person's comment into a new comment (not a reply). After an episode reaches 0, it is taken off the list. This happens until there is only one episode left standing. You may vote once an hour!!!

I'll start.

1. iGot a Hot Room: 10

2. iSam's Mom: 10

3. iGet Pranky: 10

4. iSell Penny Tees: 9 [-]

5. iDo: 10

6. iStart a Fan War: 10

7. iHire an Idiot: 10

8. iPity the Nevel: 10

9. iOMG: 11 [+]

10. iParty with Victorious: 10

11. iLost my Mind: 10

12. iDate Sam & Freddie: 10

13. iCan't Take It: 10

If you have any questions, ask away!

And after we get one episode left for season 4 to present, I'll make another one for earlier seasons!

Hope you have fun with this!

Episode Ranks

13. iSell Penny Tees

12. iDo

11. iStart a Fan War

10. iGot a Hot Room

9. iSam's Mom

8. iHire an Idiot

7. iDate Sam & Freddie

UPDATE: You can now vote once an hour! iDS&F is gone!

You can also vote on the seddie arc episodes here and the first 9 episodes of Season 1 here.

Cc71(Go to my talk page!)

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