With all the Seddie going on in the show right now, I just decided to go back and revisit an episode that discussed Creddie.

iSaved Your Life

Many people, both Creddie shippers and non-Creddie shippers alike, disliked the episode for its portrayal of Creddie- lots of kissing and not many other moments, lack of legitimate development of their love for each other, etc. I, however, see many reasons why iSYL was positive Creddie development.

Freddie saved Carly's life

People rarely discuss this point, but Freddie risked getting himself hurt in order to save Carly. That is a really big deal in and of itself.

Carly reciprocated Freddie's love for once

This episode basically confirmed the possibility of Creddie. Before, Carly had never shown any hope of becoming more than friends with Freddie. Carly was so grateful for Freddie, that she fell in love or infatuation or whatever you might call it. She was so grateful for Freddie's saving her life that a part of her felt that she owed it to him. You might say that that isn't a good reason to love someone, but I think that you could also say that this caused Carly to see Freddie in a new way and possibly begin to see that he is such a kind gentleman who would really care about her if they were in a relationship.

The Break-up

The break-up shows growth in Freddie's love for Carly. He wanted Carly to love him for him, whereas before, he would have jumped at any chance to kiss her or hear her say she loves him. He sees that their dynamic hasn't really changed, and he didn't want to take advantage of Carly's confusion. In other words, he wanted true love from the one he loved. He didn't want to settle for less. The break-up, ironically, is possibly the sweetest moment between them in the entire episode.

"I think we should wait a while. Until the hero thing blows over. And then... if you still want to be my girlfriend, I'd be really psyched about it."

In conclusion

I think iSaved Your Life really set off a potential path for Creddie. The audience was left thinking Carly and Freddie would be talking again about a possible romance later on, so I kinda wished they at least addressed that before the Seddie arc began. Although I don't really ship Creddie, (I think it could be cute though) in my opinion, if Dan had decided to go with Creddie, it could have worked pretty well too without ruining the dynamic of the show too much. Sam could keep being friends with Carly and making fun of Freddie.

SOO.. Tell me if you agree/disagree, have anything to add, etc... :)

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