The Majority of Creddie Shippers have been upset and saying that we're crushing their Creddie Spirit. We don' try to crush your Creddie Spirit. I understand that there a many ways Creddie can happen at this point in the story line. But most of them that you guys presented are pretty OOC and completley go against iOMG's message. And also one thing I find very hypocritical, is that some Creddie Shippers expect Freddie's crush/love for Carly not to fade after 4 or 5 years of being rejected. Yet some of you think it's totally logical for Sam to fall out of love in a few episodes/weeks or months. Although there is something I agree with Creddie Shippers (the ones that think this that is) on is that iOMG was did kinda come out of now where. But I think this is because they aired the episodes out of order, so I think something big might happen for Seddie in iPWV. Some Creddie Shippers that we tell them that they should be happy with iSYL, I've haven't actually seen a Seddie Shipper say that before. And not all of us think iSYL is pointless. Although I do think it's message was unclear. This is something I've noticed for all shippers both Creddie and Seddie, yes I know Cam is a major ship too they're just less hostile and more neutral for obvious reasons, tend to group their rival ship all into to one, it's stero-typing and something we should all try to avoid. That's all I have to say. I'm not trying to start a fight. Just making some points. I'd like to add something to this while Creddie may not be likely AT THIS POINT everything can change in just a few episodes, who knows what might happen.

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