I've noticed some Creddie shippers say Seddie shippers hate Carly, which is true for some of us. I personally don't hate her. But unlike Freddie, Spencer Gibby and Sam she's just sorta there. To me her character doesn't go very deep. Unlike Sam who has that party peep vibe going on, yet she's still a bit of a bully. Freddie's a tech geek, but has a bad side to him as well. Spencer is just all around awesome. Gibby is mostly comic relief, but he's still great. Even Nevel is devious but a nub and loser. But Carly she's just an average girl. I mean sure she has some great lines but her characater is still very one sided. I know tons of people will disagree, so go ahead and try to change my mind if you want. I love debating.

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