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Ok, so I'm a newbie here so don't expect me to know EVERYTHING on this Wikia (seriously, I don't even know how to write in color!). But I've been checking out some blogs on here and there all lots about the founder of this Wikia, Sophie Sakura, faking her death, MightySeddieWarrior, being hacked by her sister and thought dead, SeddieGirl98, dying in a car crash. What's with the deaths? Why do people still discuss it? It just brings back bad memories!

Now don't get mad, but I think if someone on here dies, yes you post a blog so everyone can see how sorry you feel etc. etc. and then later on try not to bring it up. Don't forget about it just push it to the back of your head. Also, I have a question. Why do people lie about dying? To get attention? I get that most people (such as me) don't have any friends on the Wikia because they're new or no one wants to talk with them and that chiz. But really? Lie about dying? Dying is serious and think it shouldn't be joked about. If you're reading this out there and wondering, 'What do I have to answer?' Then here is YOUR answer;

I would like someone to tell me the real reason why someone fakes a death, why people keep blogging about people dying on here and why they can't just push it away. It's really starting to bother me even though I've only been around for a few days. This is a fun, organized wikia! Why bring up deaths?

Thanks for reading

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