Okay there have been talking about season six here, For some resaon I think and kind of agree with them that season 2 might have not been split at all. I think we should try to get a formen up and try to come with an easier solutation to this. Let me know what you think. I am currently talking to someone on at this time and hopefully we all can rethink this since it is some what confusing. Also if you can put a post on the wikipedia page about this on your opion that would be great. I have been having some troubles on the site and can not edit. I can commut from and here though.

Nickelodeon shows always have this issue. Schneider gets a production order and films a bunch of shows for a given production order (reflected in production code). Nickelodeon defines broadcast seasons for its own reasons and chooses which shows (and they can mix and match from different production runs if they so desire) and which order to broadcast in a given season. iTunes also buys the shows and likes to bunch them by production code. This article is stated to be about a Nickelodeon show so should match Nickelodeons definition of what they say a season is. Schneider doesn't get to make that call.Since Nickelodeon are the bosses, they broadcast the shows, so this articles on the internet goes by what they say, not what Schneider or iTunes say. Because this is a 'list' it should be in order of broadcast not order of filming. Schneider can only quote production cycles whereas this article defines the actual airing of the programs. Nickelodoen air the show and they fund and control it; Schneider basically works for them.

So maybe we should just put season 2 and 3 back into one season. If were gonna do it we have to all be on the same page on iCarly Wiki, wikipedia, and other fan related sites

Also Noah Relpyed to me on his facebook Here!/noahBmunck/posts/10150496050078270and Said
production seasons and airing seasons are different.. Sometimes during a production season/cycle we will film a lot of episodes so it makes an airing season longer. we are going into a 5th season.
Thanks let me know what you think or reply on the wikipedia talk page my talk page, or iCarly formans at

This has been an issue for along time now.

reply here, or

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