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  • CheetahGirlXo

    Hey again. Here I am with my view on how Jathan started to crumble and why it's sort of building up again. 

    Before I start with my personal experience, the names aren't real for protective reasons:

    Best Friend - Andy

    Me - I

    Girl We Would Judge (although we judged a lot of people) - Megan

    Okay, so I had a best friend named Andy who I did everything together with. We were attached at the hip much like Jennette and Nathan were. The only difference is romantic feelings were never the conflict of the relationship. One of the things we would always do is we would go to McDonald's and make bets afterwords. For example, we would bet not to have water for the rest of the day (it was usually around lunchtime). We were always together at family gatherings…

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  • CheetahGirlXo

    Hey Everyone =)

    So I wanted to talk about the Seddie Arc which probably wasn't talked about since the finale, but I had a few issues to address. 

    ~ Pros For The Arc ~

    • Kisses didn't make me barf. It felt natural and they had the "in love" look in their eyes every five seconds so that was good 
    • The arc had conflicts with a relationship every episode. So, as expected it wasn't sunshine and roses all the time
    • The First two episodes felt very in character. Except Sam, that didn't feel that natural but hey! She wanted to spend time with the person she was in love with! At least she was willing to give him a double fist dance =P

    ~ Cons For The Arc ~

    • The characters were way OOC for me. No physical violence (sounds weird but seriously), no banters and wei…
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