Ok, this has nothing to do with Monty Python, Blackadder, iCarly, or Seddie. You have been warned. This is a rant about the future generation. Ready? Ok!

As you may or not know there have been 2 commercials so far, where you buy this 'magic' microphone and you instantly become the perfect singer! Isn't that great?? NOT!

First, this makes me INCREDIBLY mad! I love to act so this really bugs me. I understand that some kids want to be like their idols,but it is another thing to be auto-tuned at the age of 11! Good gosh! At 11, some people don't even know if they can sing or not! This also tells me that these kids will become TOO egotistical thinking that they sound perfect now! They will think "OMG! I sund like Ke$ha! I can sing! I will be the best singer EVER!" NEWS FLASH: YOU NEED TALENT!

Another thing, why is there no REAL TALENT anymore? Now kids are auto-tuned isn't that great?! They aren't even in the music business! They make their parents buy these mics so they are now 'practically perfect in every way'. Now the commercials are basically saying, "Kids with REAL talent? Yeah, well MOVE OVER for the kids with auto-tuned mics come on stage since they sound worse then they did before!"

Again, I am not trying to be mean, but I am just so angry. I know for a fact that people with this mics will never do well, but how the commercials put it? They will be awesome and get a music career. I just hate it. Did this make sense? I hope! Thank you for reading, commenting, or hating. Now carry on with your lives since I have wasted them. =)

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