Ok, apparently I stink at saying things and then supposing that I mean it. Last week I said I would be leaving. However I am toooo DARN EXCITED for iDS&F! So, on behalf of everyone here, I am back which I am verrry happy about! I missed a lot of you guys SOOO much!

So, what do you want first, good news or bad news? Since you have no choice, I am giving you the bad news first.


So, starting on Wednesday I will not be home every day until 6:00 at night. This is bad news since i will probably only be coming on weekends, but you just have to deal with it. LOL

(WARNING: THE FOLLOWING NEWS IS GOOD NEWS......if you care, or not)

Why will I not be home? Because I got A ROLE IN MY SCHOOL PLAY!!!! OMMMG GDHDLKSHFDFNB!! *ahem* I was thrilled because there was a lot of people who auditioned and there are only 9 people in the cast! HOW FRICKIN AWESOME IS THAT??!! If you care or not.

Anyway, I am back, probably for good since i love Seddie sooooo much as well as iCarly. So, is this the end? Good question! Yeah, soooo.... I WISH I WOULD SAY THE END ALREADY!! (Monty Python)


P.S. I hear it is Yanks BIRTHDAY TODAY!!! OMG! MY CLOSEST FRIEND ON HERE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YANKS!!!!!!! Now this really is the end.

THE REAL END. (Thank you!!!)

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