• ChickenPieManiaLove

    What memories does ICarly bring you?

    First of all, I’ll introduce myself. I’m a 15 year old girl who happens to be crazy about iCarly. I just newly joined the wiki mere seconds ago but I’ve been following this wiki excessively since iOMG came out in April 2010 but I never really had the guts to make an account and join until now. So I thought I’ll just get to know people with this pointless blog which does have a purpose so it’s not really that inane. Now I’ll come to what this blog is about ->

    Purpose: Memories are those special moments in life which you can never forget even if you try to which I’ve horribly failed at times. Now like I said before, I’m crazy on iCarly and one of the reasons why is because the show really connects me with so…

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