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    u mite wanaz go red da chapta b4 dis to refershz urz memry (OOC:Seriously, so you remember XD)

    Headmaster Amythest: Yes, it was I who stole the waffles and food from Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.

    Everyone: *Le gasp!*

    Slytherins: Hiss whatz about uz? Our problemz?

    Amythest: Well, I did steal your pumpkin juice, but you were too busy meddling in a love life than paying attention to that

    Slytherins: *hang heads in shame*


    Daisy: Yeah, we didn't do anything wrong!

    Yoshi: Well you're snobby hobnockers. Is that enough?

    • fight starts*

    Amy: ENOUGH! I have my reasons.

    Candy: Those being?

    Fishy: Or is it just that

    You're insecure

    Fudge: Don't know what for

    Emily: You're turning heads when you announce you stole stuff

    Countdown: Don't n…

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    Hai guyz! Ready for da last chapter





    • all ravenclaws have large portraits of themelve on the walls. There is a cackling fireplace, and everything is clean, and it is quiet. Jon is admiring himself in front of a mirror. Laters is doing homework on a desk. Tara is doing her make up. Daisy is drinking tea while reading a magazine. The ravenclaws are the best dressed, and always care the most about their appearance.*

    Daisy: *gets text message* Oh no *she starts cryig*

    Tara: What is it?

    Daisy: I got an... A- On my history of magic essay!

    • entire room* Gasp!

    Jon: A ravenclaw...getting an A-....It's unheard of...

    Daisy: I know I know! *cries*

    Tara: It's okay, we'll help you get your grade up!

    Daisy: Will you guys really help *through tears* …

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    hey guz y not mor commentzz!!!! iz wantz u 2 commen mor!!!!! anway dese r da gryffindorrsss an remembers dese hav noddin 2 do wit ur actual personalites!!!! so don get mad if ur characterss doesn act lyk u in rea life!

    Yoshi *walks into common room* Oh my god it's my girlfriend Fishy!

    FIshy: Yoshi!!! *they hug* I missed you so much from when you went to astronomy class!!!!!

    • a piano plays in the distance by Hihi*

    Fishy: Picture perfect memories, were scattered all across the floor....

    Reaching for the phone, but I'm a wizard and I don't know how to use it anyway...

    Both: And I wonder if I every crossed your mind...

    Fishy: For me it happens all the time...

    • song ends*

    Yoshi: but now I'm back from my 45 minute class!

    Fishy: yay! The longest forty five m…

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    ok no1 get al offnesive if ur caractur iz not lyk u in rel life.no1's caractur is i m tot l e jus makin every1 up so don't get all madz ok!!!!11111! I am also not makin fun of souther accnets dey jus say yall a lot.

    Da Hupplepuffs

    Britt: Hi ya'll I just got back from a-kissing my wife Candy!

    XX: You're too young to get married, ya'll!

    Britt: Oh no you didn't!

    • they cat fight*

    SFG: Hey ya'll! There is no reason for all this foolish fightin'

    XX and Britt: You're right :(

    xx: Hey Britt, knock knock

    Britt: Who'd dere?

    xx: Shovel!

    Britt: Shovel who?

    xx: Imma hit on the head with a shovel!

    Britt: har har....wha?

    xx: *hits Britt on head with shovel*

    SFG: He he...But I have some bad news, ya'll.

    xx: What?

    SFG: The Ravenclaws stole all our food!

    xx: That's horrible!


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    Dis story iz based on da caracterz made byz SC.

    I am in slytherrrin cuz it iz da best.

    Shaniqua (Me): Omg guyz mi feeloww slytherinnz wats up yoozz

    Churchpants: ooh noddin much i luv ur outfit shaniqua ur alwayz da prettiestz.

    Shaniqua: Oh, i noz.

    Becky: omgzz y do ravenclawz always tink dey r so smart WE SMARTERR.

    Churchpants: omg ya

    Shaniqua: ikrr

    Mak comes in. He has long hair that is lucious like a girls and he flips it.

    Mak: whatzz uppp

    Shaniqua: we talkin bout how much we hat oder housesz

    Churchpants: yuh but i hav a problem

    becky: wha

    Churchpants: i tink i have a crush on jon from ravenclaw

    • le gasp*

    becky: o no dat is horrible

    churchpants: I know

    Shaniqua: we mus do somtin!

    Mak: I'm going to leave you girls alone

    He walks into his room to brush his lu…

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