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ok no1 get al offnesive if ur caractur iz not lyk u in rel life.no1's caractur is i m tot l e jus makin every1 up so don't get all madz ok!!!!11111! I am also not makin fun of souther accnets dey jus say yall a lot.

Da Hupplepuffs

Britt: Hi ya'll I just got back from a-kissing my wife Candy!

XX: You're too young to get married, ya'll!

Britt: Oh no you didn't!

  • they cat fight*

SFG: Hey ya'll! There is no reason for all this foolish fightin'

XX and Britt: You're right :(

xx: Hey Britt, knock knock

Britt: Who'd dere?

xx: Shovel!

Britt: Shovel who?

xx: Imma hit on the head with a shovel!

Britt: har har....wha?

xx: *hits Britt on head with shovel*

SFG: He he...But I have some bad news, ya'll.

xx: What?

SFG: The Ravenclaws stole all our food!

xx: That's horrible!

SFG: We must get revenge ya'll!

  • they run off, leaving britt on the ground*

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