• Chrissy&Joey52

    This is EXCITING !!!!!!

    September 29, 2010 by Chrissy&Joey52

    If we're correct mostly everyone if not everyone is talking about how iParty With Victorious is the season 4 finale, which we highly doubt but whatever...... We find that since Dan hasn't been talking about finales or anything that this will be his first show to get past a 4th season :D yaaay we know that iCarly season 4 is gonna be the most popular finale season of any of his shows if he plans to end it, which we hope we won't iCarly is one of are favs man. So, we're probally over thinking soo bye we gotta go to soccer practice !!!!!

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  • Chrissy&Joey52

    Okay you guys have you ever noticed before that Dan's new shows shows make refernces to other shows he has created in the past.

    iCarly's main school Rideway reminds us of a mini PCA. Like in Drake & Josh they used to mention hobos alot like iCarly and in the show Victorious Cat usually asks "what is that supposed to mean" like a character in an Amanda Show sketch called Moody's Point. Some ships can be refered to other ships on different shows like iCarly's Creddie is the same as Zoey and Chase from Zoey 101 and Seddie is the same as Logan and Quin from Zoey 101 and Josh and Mindy from Drake & Josh. Let us ask you a question about Zoey 101 sorry even though this is the iCarly wiki we think that it NEEDS to be ansewered for our sake. We thi…

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  • Chrissy&Joey52

    If any of you guys have looked at me and Chrissy's Page lately You might find that we have friend's named from 4 different T.V. Shows That Dan has created those shows our iCarly,Zoey101,Victorious,The Amanda Show,and Drake & Josh P.S.- this is our list of our fave list of Dan's shows iCarly is our fave and Drake and Josh was okay but we think it could have more character devoplement at the end of the show though *WE ARE NOT AMUSING TO OFFENED ANYONE BY HOW WE LISTED THE SHOW SORRY IF WE DID WE DIDN'T MEAN TO OR TRIED TO BECAUSE WE HATE IT WHEN PPL ARE UNHAPPY BUT WE ARE AWARE THAT WE CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE THIS BLOG POST WAS FOR FUN NOT TO HURT*

    So here's the run down


    Cat Jade Tori


    Sam Wendy Carly Freddie

    Zoey 101

    Zoey Chase Nico…

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  • Chrissy&Joey52

    Hi, We're New

    July 26, 2010 by Chrissy&Joey52

    Hey peoples we're new but are very fimilar with this wiki Joey and I go on here when ever we're bored so we basically go on everyday

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