Okay you guys have you ever noticed before that Dan's new shows shows make refernces to other shows he has created in the past.

iCarly's main school Rideway reminds us of a mini PCA. Like in Drake & Josh they used to mention hobos alot like iCarly and in the show Victorious Cat usually asks "what is that supposed to mean" like a character in an Amanda Show sketch called Moody's Point. Some ships can be refered to other ships on different shows like iCarly's Creddie is the same as Zoey and Chase from Zoey 101 and Seddie is the same as Logan and Quin from Zoey 101 and Josh and Mindy from Drake & Josh. Let us ask you a question about Zoey 101 sorry even though this is the iCarly wiki we think that it NEEDS to be ansewered for our sake. We think Zoey 101 only got canceled because of Jamie Lynn Spears aka Zoey Brooks got preggers in mid 2008 and as you know or some that pregantce can last up to 9 months so it would be to long for another eposide to get produced we also that Zoey 101 might have been to old and it might have lost its viewers to shows like iCarly.

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