• Christmas Fairy

    This party was a fail. I thought since the other party was such a success, this one would be too. But people were too busy talking about Sophie.

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  • Christmas Fairy



    We began by me giving out yummy gingerbread cookies! :D

    This one was for all of wikia

    Then, we played teh wolf game! Althought I got kinda mad, because I thought they were all voting me out. XD

    Oh, and to end it. We played the next person game. Which was pretty much all about the 'nasty' and kisses. XDD

    And it's the first time we had a 'Double Next Person'

    The unlucky victim of this first was:Churchpants XD

    I don't remember the Next person though :P

    I hope you guys had fun there! And if you weren't...well, there's always the next party! There will definitely be another since this party was a success. This was the first party of iCarly Wikia and it rocked! :D

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  • Christmas Fairy


    December 12, 2011 by Christmas Fairy

    Okay, so I never thought I'd actually do this,

    Most of you know that my main account, Amythest444 was IP banned because I was too young. So I tried basically everything to get back on the Wikia. IP changing, making a new account, you name it.

    So, anyways, I've decided to leave for real, because I hated how I'm just here lurking on the wikia and have to look at the sidebar seeing my fellow users chat without meh :/

    So, I'm leaving---for real.

    Bye guys. I shall miss you all :/

    PS. Okay, Well I'm leaving after I get blocked again :P

    PPS: Nevermind, this wikia is too awesome. I will not leave.

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  • Christmas Fairy

    Present Wrappings

    November 26, 2011 by Christmas Fairy

    Hello everyone!

    As you might know, I am the christmas fairy, although, my real name is Emalie!

    I came here so I could help Santa Claus. I always helped Ms.Claus, but this year, I decided to take a turn to the Wikia. :)

    I have decided that I would be in charge of the color and style of the present wrapping. Please request here!

    Samlovesham- Blue and pink

    Cartoonprincess- Shiny red

    EpicFork- Aqua with blue stripes and a pink ribbon on top

    Jon-Rectangular present with gold wrapping, red stripes, and a bow

    Otherwoldly Poptart- White present with lavendar ribbons.

    CookieMischief- Turquoise present with hot pink bow.

    You may have noticed that some wrappings have decoration and some do not. If you would like some decoration (or see RosalieTheBrave's wrappi…

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