• Chunkypop


    November 28, 2010 by Chunkypop

    Carly walks down the stair case and sees Sam asleep on the couch snuggling a piece of fried chicken. She smirks, and laughing and shaking her head. She steps down off the stair case and walks into the kitchen. Spencer walks down the stairs after Carly. He sees Sam on the couch and makes an odd face. "Sam sleep over last night?" He said as he walked over to Sam and saw the piece of fried chicken. "And how long has she had this piece of fried chicken?" He said looking into the kitchen at Carly. Carly looked at him laughing. "I don't know how long she's had a piece of fried chicken, but i know she's been here since last night. "Freddie walked in and looked at the couch with a disgusted face. Then he looked up at Carly and Spencer. "Ahh, Sam a…

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