iGo on a Date

Carly and Adam finally decide to go on a date, but Spencer won't allow it, as he sees Adam as another Griffin. Spencer agrees if only Sam or Freddie go with her with another person as a double date. Carly talks Sam and Freddie into going together, but the whole time at the movies they bicker.

Meanwhile, Gibby is trying to help Spencer get rid of his hiccups that have been lasting for about a week. After trying many tactics, it finally works with leading Spencer blindfolded into Seattle Recreational Center, and having a hairy old man dressed as Superman fall out the ceiling right to Spencer. The blindfold is taken just in time for him to look up to see "Superman" and screams, losing his hiccups and moves. The old man's dentures fly on to Spencer's feet.

Seddie hints:

  • While Carly tries to reason with Sam and Freddie about going together, they both role their eyes at the same time.
  • At the movies, Sam and Freddie both stop bickering and look at the screen as two friends share their first kiss together.
  • Freddie mentions on the way to the movies to Carly that his mom made him go to a Mother-Son bookclub, and their reading Princess Diaries. At the movies, Sam insists on having the aisle seat, and Freddie replies "As you wish". In Princess Diaries, the saying, "As you wish" means "I love you".
  • Freddie and Sam both reach for their popcorn at the same time, having their hands touch.
  • At the end of the episode, Freddie tells Sam he really liked this night, and she back says, "Ditto". Then Freddie gives her a kiss on the forehead goodbye.


Sam: Mama needs the aisle seat. Just in case your nubbiness makes me need to run to the bathroom and hurl.

Freddie: (with a smile and chuckle) As you wish.

Gibby: Spencer!

Spencer: Omigod! Gibster! What are you-*hiccup* doing here? I mean, like I did-*hiccup* nt mean it like-*hiccup* that!

Gibby: That hurts Spence, it hurts, in here! (points to stomach)

Spencer: You abdo-*hiccup*minal area?

Freddie: I had a nice time. I really liked it.

Sam: Ditto.

Freddie: (leans over and kisses top of Sam's head) I'm glad. Nite.

Carly: You guys won't really be on a date! Just do this for me, I really like Adam!

Sam and Freddie: (rolls eyes)

Carly: (Gasps) This is what you guys have come to? The EYE_ROLLERS?!?

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