Hi! It's me, ChurchPants+ParoleBaby=LOVE! (a.k.a. Maddy) and I got this idea from Lotstar, to make an imaginary iCarly season. I am a Seddie fan, so I will have tons of Seddie moments. I am very busy with school work and completing my own books before my deadline of June 2nd 2011 so I will only write backgrounds of the episodes.

iHold an iCarly Sleepover

In this episode, Spencer goes out of town to visit Socko and his cousin, Cary, who "cares" for endangered species. While Spencer is gone, Carly decides to host an iCarly sleepover, of all the people who have ever been on the Webshow, whether guest starring or filling in.

Seddie Hints:

  • Carly tells Sam and Freddie to change into their pajammas in her room. Meaning they were changing in the same room.
  • Sleeping arrangements get carried away, and Sam and Freddie are stuck on the floor right next to each other, while Carly's in her bed
  • Freddie puts a piece of bacon by Sam's face while she's sleeping, louring her into the bathroom, and to sleep the rest of the nite with her head in the toliet, It could show that Sam is rubbing off on Freddie.
  • Sam gets irritated that Missy was invited to the sleepover, and Freddie, to show Sam he's a strong man after she declares he isn't, duct tapes Missy to the hood of the iCarly car, and dumps a jar full of spiders on the ground of the room, and duct tapes an opened slice of watermelon on Missy head, bringing spiders to her head. Afterward he shows Sam his declaration of "love" (love isn't really said, it's revenge) and she calls him her "Geeky Hero."
  • Mandy comes to the sleepover dressed in an all out Seddie wardrobe, with a sparking Seddie headband.
  • Fred tries to make bacon in the morning but ends up setting Freddie's pants on fire. Sam comes to the rescue with a pitchfork, stabs Freddie's pants, and hands him a towel (to *cough* cover up) and puts the flaming pants in a giant bucket of water she had retrieved.


Freddie: (Taking his hands off Sam's eyes, revealing a spider sheeted Missy) Ta--da! My declaration of REVENGE!

Sam: Freddie, your like my Geeky Hero! In a kinda awkard way!

Freddie: Mis pantalones están quemando! (My pants are burning in spanish)

Sam: (screaming at all guests) I woke up with my head in a toliet and I wanna know who it was! (closes eyes, spins around with finger pointedd, stops on Freddie opens eyes, and talks low.) It was YOU...,

Freddie: What are you doing here Mandy?

Mandy: I was invited! I've been on your webshow!

Sam: C'mon Freddie! Let the little duckling in!

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