I've noticed that in the 3rd promo (which is my least favorite), Gibby is considered "a choice", which worries me. What if Sam likes Gibby, it would be surpirising, breath-taking, and definitely would change the show. I'm a Seddie fan all the way, and I really want Seddie to happen. Really Really Badly'! Sam and Freddie look so cute together just talking, and that's the closest they've been to each other's face since iKiss. But everybody thinks Seddie is going to happen because of the promos. N'o one seems to pay attention to the possibility of Gibby. He seems to get a lot of girls. Tasha, Patrice, as I'm saying lots of girls. Sam always said she hated Gibby, but it could be the same way we see her "hating" Freddie.

I don't want any Seddie fans to get upset, I'm kinda upset by the fact it could happen. But guess what I deciphered. When Dan said the promos aren't just teasing us. He could mean they aren't or they are. Think about it. He could mean they aren't just teasing us, theyre really teasing us. Think about it.........

I still think Seddie will happen, but I'm keeping an open mind. You're all gonna probably say "Gibby won't be with Sam, he's with Tasha." I didn't say Gibby liked her back.

But, I want Seddie badly. So plz comment!!!!

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