Ok, this blog is way overdue, but here goes!

I am getting very mad about how many Seddie shippers have been complaining that there hasn't been enough rising action to a Seddie couple. 4 seasons isn't enough for them? It's also bugging me that people are complaining about the kissing, and possible eskimo kiss. I agree, I don't want Seddie to be all lovey dovey, but I mean, they're just showing them lovey dovey in the promos, they probably act the same as they usually do.

Seddie shippers are also annoyed on how Sam and Freddie become a couple. I personally don't care how I just want them to be together. Dan controls everything, and if you don't like it, deal with it. Dan won't change an episode just because one fan whined and asked it to be a different way. If that were true, anyone of us could own Schneider's Bakery.

I personally feel bad for the Creddiers because Seddiers are acting a bit too happy. Also, people seem to be on here for hours! For those of you who do that, to quote Sam, "What's the matter with you Chad?" So, instead of obsessing over how you want Seddie to be done, or about being in character, stop being a Chad, and be you. Go outside or something!

Ok, my rant is over, so if you were offended, sorry, but don't comment offensive comments.

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