Ok, so this mainly is to Seddiers and Creddiers but any ship may read.

Seddiers: Why do you love Seddie? (I can think of tons of reasons why I do.) Why don't you like Creddie? (Creddie...*shudder*)

Creddiers: Why do you love Creddie? Why don't you like Seddie?

Me: I love Seddie because I love love/hate relationships. I think when couples get along too well, well, it gets a little digusting. Love/Hate relationships show the perfct amount of love, but you still act like you did before you were dating, to each other. I'm not talking about abusive relationships. I'm talking about having fun with your bf/gf and not having to act all romantically to each other. Especially when other people are around. I dislike Creddie because they get along too well. I stated why I don't like that above ^^. They also look like siblings. So if they had kids, they'd all look Jewish! Brown hair and brown eyes galore! But if Sam and Freddie had kids. They could be: Blonde hair blue eyes, blonde hair brown eyes, brown hair blue eyes, or brown hair brown eyes. Creddie also seems to mushy gushy to me.

So I wanna hear from you!


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