Ok here's how I would love for the show to go,

Carly:(pacing around the apartment mumbling)

Spencer: Whoa, little sister, what's got your panties in a bunch?

Carly: Sam and Freddie kissedI

Spencer: Uh, you kinda already told me that so, why are you freaking out about it again?

Carly: No not that, I mean, Sam and Freddie kissed last night at the lock-in. I saw it through the window!

Spencer: Oh, that's not a good position to be in. Tell ya what, I've got the perfect solution for your problem. Just simply...(Spencer walks away)

Carly: (pouts, and drops onto the couch)

Gibby:(walks in) Hey Carly, where's Freddie?

Carly:His mom made him take a tick bath then rubbed Calomine lotion all over him.

Gibby: Calomine?

Carly: I don't know.


Freddie: (leaves his apartment and is in the hallway) Mom! I don't need another bath! I'm free of ticks and lice!

Sam: (walks into the hallway and freezes when she sees Freddie. She quickly runs into Carly's apartment)

Carly: Sam! I saw you!

Sam: Saw me what? Eat your fried chicken? Sorry, it was just,,,there!

Carly: No! I saw you and Freddie last nightI KISSING!

Sam: We were not kissing. We were hugging.

Carly: With your lips!

Sam: (silence)

Carly: HAHA! I was right!

Sam:(leaves the Shay apartment and comes face to face with Freddie) Uhh,

Freddie: Hi

Sam: (slaps Freddie then leaves with tears in her eyes)


Carly: Thanks Dad, love you too, bye. (hangs up phone) Dad said he'll send the e-mail any minute.

Gibby: Are you sure this is a good idea? Tricking them and stuff?

Spencer: Gibster c'mon, out of anyone I would think you would be on board with this idea, and swabbing the deck.

Gibby: Why do I have to swab the deck? Isn't it clean all ready with all that water splashing on board?

Spencer: Yeah but, someone puked on it and it keeps rolling up and down-

Carly: Ok stop before you have to "swab" this carpet!

Gibby and Spencer: Yes Miss Controller.

Freddie: (walks in) Hey Carls, you texted me about something?

Carly:(grinning) Oh, yeah. Come look.

Freddie:(walks over to the computer where Carly is standing, and reads e-mail aloud) Dear Carly, I am coming to Seattle for a week and I wanted to know if you could meet me to dinner with that boy Freddie you're always telling me about. I would greatly appretiate it, signed Dad. BOY??

Carly: So do you want to come or not?

Freddie: Sure as long as Sam's not there.


Sam: (reading e-mail) Dear Carly, I am coming to Seattle for a week and I wanted to know if you could meet me to dinner with that girl Sam you're always telling me about. I would greatly appretiate it, signed Dad. GIRL??

Carly: So do you want to come or not?

Sam: Sure as long as Freddie's not there.


Sam: (is wearing a short black dress and has her hair in a messy bun) Are you sure it's formal Carly?

Carly: Yeah, the resturant is formal only.

Spencer: (comes out with feathers clipped onto the ends of his hair) Going to dinner?

Carly: Yep. Why do you look like an Indian chief?

Spencer: Socko's cousin made this for me. His name is Dances with Feathers.

Sam: Okk. We're gonna leave now.

Sam and Carly leave.


Sam and Carly walk into a resturant called Schneider's Lovely Palace.

Sam: I gotta pee. (she walks to a restroom)

Freddie: (walks in) Hey Carly, where's your Dad?

Carly: Oh he's in the bathroom. Speaking of bathrooms, I have to go myself. (Carly walks in to the bathrooom and drags Sam out)

Sam: What's that doing here?

Freddie: Why's that Demon there?

Carly: C'mon you guys, act civil, don't be annoyed by each other's company. Get along! I just remembered I forgot to feed the cat so I'm gonna head home, bye!

Sam: You don't have a cat!

Freddie: I think Carly set us up on a date...

Sam: No, she just left us here to talk about our feelings and such.

Freddie: So, you wanna?

Sam: Wanna what?

Freddie: Talk about our feelings.

Sam:.....I guess......I'm sorry I kissed you, I didn't know what I was doing! I just am in love with you, and I don't even want to be, but I am and I can't control it!

Freddie: It's okay. I was just a little shocked that's all. I mean all these years I thought you hated me.

Sam: I did but it all changed-

Freddie: During our first kiss.

Sam: Yes, but actually I didn't realised I loved you until you dated Carly, and I was jealous. I'm not sure if Carly really was in love with you. All I know is, I am.

Freddie: So what are we going to do? You love me, I don't like Carly anymore-


Freddie: Yeah it kinda ended-

Sam: When you two dated.

Freddie: No. When we kissed. The first time.

Sam: But there's no way we can date, no way, what if Carly has feelings for you? It would ruin you two's friendship.

Freddie: I think you're right. We should try dating later.


(Sam tells Carly everything, well, only about the later part)

Carly: I'm so happy for you! But if you don't mind it, I think I'll go to bed.

Sam: NIte.


Sam: (sleeping on the Shay's couch. Her phone gets a text.) A text at this late at night? (she reads it. It's from Freddie.) It's Later. (Sam rereads it) IT"S LATER!!

Freddie: (walks in and gives Sam a hug and a kiss on the head, they hold hands as they head to Carly's room)


Carly: (wearing the mask. Wakes up) OMG! (it sounds more like Ho Hem Lee)I'm so happy for you guys! (High'm spo happy for oo guhhys)

They all hug.


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