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Ok,after seeing the promo I got really excited. Like REALLY excited. But then, I went back to Dan's blog and started answering the questions. One made me really worried. If Sam and Freddie become boyfriend/girlfriend, will it last? I'm worried that iLMM is just going to be like iSYL. I feel maybe Dan felt like he needed to give the Seddiers a chance. But then I remembered that picture of all of those iCarly episode titles, and remebered there was one called iBreak up. Then I thought, What if Sam and Freddie date, and then in iBreak up, they break up (if iBreak up is a real ep), but maybe possibley get back together, somehow? I'm getting very paranoid that Dan might be playing with us like in iSAFW. But I really hope he isn't. But another thing: AUGUST???????? I've waited sooo long for summer, now I have to wait til the end? That's chiz! I hope that's just temporary and on the promo tonight it will be like July (July I could handle) or end of June.

That's just my opinion. Plz comment!

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