• Churchpants

    Hate it when...:P

    April 5, 2012 by Churchpants

    Okay a lot of us hate a lot of things right? TV shows, foods, colors, ect... but when something happens that's irritating I feel like I hate it more than anything else T_T.

    Well I hate it when...

    • I have to wake up and pee in the middle of the night
    • When I spill something
    • I trip and fall in front of everyone
    • I argue with my friends
    • I'm writing with a led pencil and the led breaks

    That's just some of it xD

    You hate it when...? How do I know if you don't comment?? :D

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  • Churchpants


    Anyways I created a new game called Guess That User. It can be an old user that you remember or a user that is still here now xD. If a user has already been mentioned, you can still use that wikian.


    User 1: This user is fun and has created a blog called "Bla bla bla"

    User 2: That's Derp!

    User 1: CORRECT!

    User 2: *Throws party*

    What user are you going to do? How do I know if you don't comment?? :D

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  • Churchpants

    Hello wonderful citizens of iCarly Wiki xD. Have you ever seen a Fantasy movie where people have magic and you're like "OMG that's so cool I wish I could do that!" (LOL xD) Well just imagine you can do that and you can choose whatever magical power you want ^_^. Here's some I would like to have:

    • Changing into a unicorn or some other pretty animal that doesn't exist xD
    • Flying
    • Making my hair grow as long as I want it to be
    • Pencil/pen doing all the work for me
    • Eat as much as I want and never get fat
    • Super Flexibility
    • Super Speed
    • Super Strength

    What magical powers would you have? How do I know if you don't comment?? :D

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  • Churchpants

    Okay some of us have been thinking "Why is the world so screwed up?? What is up with this generation? How come so many bad things are happening?" Well just imagine you have the power to stop anything you'd like in the world.

    Here's some of the things would I would stop:

    1. Crime. The robberies, shootings, and murders would be kicked to the curb definitely.

    2. Kids dressing like prostitutes and trying to be more mature when they're really not.

    3. Animal abuse

    4. Racism

    5. Drugs

    6. Pregnency before your married unless you have the money and is responsible enough to be a mother

    7. Bullying

    8. Bad parenting

    9. Poor people starving to death

    10. Suicide

    What would you change?? How do I know if you don't comment? :D

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  • Churchpants

    Judging by the title, you guys may be thinking "WTF Churchpants is a HORRIBLE PERSON!" LOOOL trust me I am completely against what Sophie did so don't think that xDD

    I'd just like to thank her for making us realize that we NEED to pay close attention of who we befriend/trust on this wiki. I'm not saying that we have to stalk everything people say and stuff xDD. Not at all. But there were two admins on here that we trusted. Both nice, friendly, and down to earth(until later) and we felt like we could ask or tell them anything. We treated them with kindness and respect and we looked up to them.

    Later, we found out that we were fooled, hurt, and betrayed. But what we didn't know was that the evidence was staring us right in the face but we didn't r…

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