Note: If this blog makes you offended I apoligize in advance. This is for the Seddiers that are getting annoyed/angry because the Creddiers are complaining. Not every Seddier is doing this.

A lot of Seddiers are getting annoyed because the Creddiers are upset and that *we*(Seddiers) should have our moment. Well try putting yourselves in *their* shoes.

Dan is completely ignoring Creddie. I mean he's acting like Creddie isn't even there. And what made the Creddiers even more angry was that Dan *clearly* stated that the show isn't about shipping and we should watch it for the comedy. Well *five* episodes are being dedicated to Seddie. As you may already know, Seddie is a SHIP. Just imagine if Dan did that to Seddie. I think we would be *far* worse than the Creddier shippers. Just as Itzxlucy said, we're louder, crazier, and more annoying(in a good way.) Dan is also teasing them. He added some Creddie in one of his iOMG blogs about what's going to happen next HOURS later. Of course the Creddie shippers would complain. I know I would be complaining like a wild woman.

I also don't understand(anymore) how Creddie was in the spotlight. Creddie was one sided so they had to wait and rely on tiny hints too to see if Carly had any romantic interest towards Freddie. Then iSaved Your Life came along and they had to wait *again* to see if Carly would go back to Freddie(which was never mentioned again unless the sequel is iSaved Your Life.) So yes we all knew Freddie liked Carly but the Creddiers had to wait until Carly felt the same way so technically Creddie wasn't 'in the sun.'

All I'm just trying to say is put yourselves in the Creddiers' place and you will know how they feel.

Do you think people shouldn't be too hard on the Creddiers or do you still think that the Creddiers are ungrateful? How do I know if you don't comment? :D

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