Okay well I know I wrote a blog a long time ago back in January titled 'Does Sam Love Freddie.' Now that we finally got the answer in iOMG(W00t LOL), *why* does Sam love Freddie? I have some reasons why :).

Freddie has always been there for Sam. Unlike Freddie, other boys couldn't deal with Sam and would skip out on her. Freddie stayed there with Sam no matter how horrible she was to him. He helped her with her problems/troubles. He even mentioned her as his best friend and shared his first kiss wish her. He also said it would be weird if she didn't mess with him all the time. Would other boys do that if Sam constantly teased them and beat them up?? Nope.

His physical appearance. Well all of us girls *know* that Freddie is cute or hot LOL!! But I highly doubt that this is the reason why Sam's in love with him. It would just be bizzare O___o. But she was attracted to Shane even though *he* was a nerd. Small possibility.

Freddie's personality. Freddie's a nice, caring, smart, and somewhat funny guy. He also has some other sides to him that Sam could be attracted to. He can be devious, sarcastic, abrasive, a little mean(He was laughing at Gibby being tortured xD), and feisty. In iRue the Day Sam even said, "Wow Freddie I like seeing you get all feisty."

Well I can't really think of anything else right now so hopefully some of you have other reasons LOL!!

Do you agree with any of my reasons or do you have reasons of your own?? How do I know if you don't comment?? :D

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