Note: Just noting that I am NOT leaving the wiki and it's not going to happen soon so don't worry or freak out xD.

Alright well here goes....

1. Friendship problems: I'm getting tired of all these stupid arguments and fighting. I have even gotten into tons of arguments myself and I'm getting sick of it. Seriously we're supposed to be sticking together. Not attacking each other. People are being female doggy(I know this sounds funny xD) and just downright rude to each other. Why can't we just get along like we used to?? :/

2. Ship Warring: This is one of the biggest problems and not only on the wiki. All this Seddie and Creddie drama is getting on my nerves -__-. Seddiers are being rude. Creddiers are being hypocrites. All this really needs to STOP. Seddiers are starting arguments with Creddiers and Creddiers don't know how to defend themselves... It's just sad. All these "Why I Don't Like Creddie" blogs are just starting more drama. Honestly, I agree with those blogs but I'm sure I wouldn't want to see a "Why I Don't Like Seddie" blog either. And Seddiers are saying "Well don't read the blogs then!" Well we did the same to them when they made a blog that said it's not for Seddiers. Sorry to say this but it's mostly the Seddie shippers.

3. Unfairness: This "You Have to be 13 And Older To be a Mod Rule" just really pissed me off. It honestly doesn't matter about your age. It matters how mature you are. And just because one person under 13 KBed people for no reason doesn't mean we all did. You should demote that person only. Not all people under 13. It's also stupid how now you can't join the wiki if your under 13 or is it 12?? I don't know. Anyway iCarly is a kid's show but iCarly Wiki isn't a wiki for kids?? I remember someone got banned for that. Just wow... -__-

4. Trolls/Hackers: I honestly think it's stupid for people to leave the wiki for this reason but I do understand that it IS extremely annoying :P. It's like I can't come on this wiki for one day without finding a troll or hacker. It's like daily -_-

5. Security: I'm really sick of finding out that a troll is using proxys to get in. Something really needs to be done about this. This could easily turn into a really serious thing one day. Like what if there is another pedo or rapist coming out to get one of us and we can't do anything about it?? I pray that doesn't happen.

Agree?? Disagree?? How do I know if you don't comment? :D

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