Well I was on the Creddie page one day and I saw a comment saying "Maybe Carly likes Freddie but she's just too afraid to admit it and it's just a game she's playing with him." Sorry but I honestly don't think so. Freddie has been chasing Carly's butt ever since the beginning of the series and If Carly was playing she would've gone to him like 3 seasons ago. Carly could just go to Freddie without worrying about being rejected. The only game that's actually going on in the show right now is Sam and Freddie pretending to hate eachother when they really don't. Even Dan said it was a game. I'm sure if there was a game going on between Carly and Freddie Dan would've mentioned that too but he didn't.

Do you think Carly is playing with Freddie or do you think it's just rejection. Agree? Disagree? How do I know if you don't comment :D

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