I honestly think that Carly does get everything she wants most of the time. She makes good grades and guys crawl all over her feet. I was kind of annoyed that Carly and Spencer's dad adores Carly and is mean to Spencer? That's probably why Spencer is so afraid to tell his dad that he dropped out of law school and his dad may think he's a bigger loser than before. Carly has an awesome cool brother, a gorgeous room, and everybody likes her. She's popular, pretty, and spoiled. I'm not trying to hate on Carly but I think she went too far in iLook Alike when she practically yelled at Spencer because she wasn't allowed to go to the MMA Fight. She even said,"Why have you stopped giving me want I want?" so theres the key that she does get everything. She could get any guy she wanted while its very hard for Sam to get guys. Remember in iHate Sam's Boyfriend? Jonah wanted Carly not Sam. So Carly is kind of a Miss Little Perfect and gets everything she wants.

So agree? Disagree? How do I know if you dont comment?? :D

PS: I really should've never added Miss Little Perfect in the title. I've read all the comments and I thought about it. She's not really perfect I just think she gets everything so sorry if I offended anyone :)

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