I haven't been making any blogs lately but luckily I have another question for you Seddiers and Creddiers to think about!! :)

In my opinion no. Freddie has been constantly asking Carly does she want to be his girlfriend but Carly has been constantly saying no and rejecting him. If you really loved someone why would you let them down and break their heart? Carly has been non stop running after other guys since the episode iLike Jake and is going to be running after two other boys in iHire an Idiot and iParty With Victorious and you heard what Carly said to Adam. "Theres only one guy I want to be with right now" so who's to say that's not the key? Carly has also been trying to ignore Freddie's love by not coming up with anymore excuses not to date him because she doesn't have anymore excuses. Carly always uses Freddie's love to get what she wants and that's just humiliating and rude. She obviously knows that the boy loves her so why can't she just take him? Because she doesn't want him. Ok iSaved Your Life the episode where Carly "loved" Freddie. The information about that episode is it says,"Carly falls in love with Freddie after he saves her life." Well the information is WRONG. The information was meant to say,"Carly falls in love with what Freddie did after he saves her life." Everybody should know the difference. Like Sam said Freddie was just "foreign bacon" because Carly didn't really love Freddie. She just loved what he did for her. I don't think Freddie would ever get real love from Carly. I personally think the last kiss on the cheeck was cute but it was out of friendship.

Do you think Carly isn't it love with Freddie or do you think she is? Do you think Carly would actually love him for him or would Freddie be Carly's bacon? Agree? Disagree? How do I know if you don't comment? :D

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