Well some Creddiers are saying Freddie can't date Sam if he's not in love with her and if she found out she would be hurt. I disagree.

You don't have to be in love with them first to date them. After a while you could fall in love with them. Is that normal and does that seem right? Absolutely. A guy that I felt nothing for asked me out once and I said yes because I didn't like to reject people and I thought it was sweet that he liked me. I began to like him more. After a week of dating, BOOM! I fell in love with him. That's the same thing that could happen to Freddie if he dated Sam.

Some of you Creddiers might say "Well Carly coud've fell in love with Freddie while they were dating." That's different. Carly NEVER went back to Freddie after Freddie healed from his injuries. If Carly really loved Freddie she could've gone back to him in iWas a Pageant Girl and all the other episodes after that but but guess what? She didn't. Carly has had millions of chances to be with Freddie. Before iSYL and after iSYL. She has never shown any signs of loving Freddie but the cereal is out of the box with Sam.

Do you think Freddie can date Sam if he's not in love with her or do you still think it's wrong for him to do that? Agree? Disagree? How do I know if you don't comment? :D

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