Well you know how so many people were worried about Jennette and Nathan and that their friendship faded? Well I think their friendship is back on track and I'm going to tell you why!! Jennette sent him 2 tweets and Nathan replied back immediately.


So I hear @bruindude92(Nathan Kress) and I had something to do with a question on Jeopardy tonight. <cue jeopardy theme>


@jennettemccurdy No way!! I hope my grandparents were watching... Any idea what the question was? Now here comes the second tweet.


I'm guessing "who's the nerdy blond girl and gooberish brunette guy on that show about a webshow?" Again Nathan replied back.


Ehhh yep, that sounds about right!

Aww how cute are they?? We were worried over nothing. I hope you guys are happy because I know I am!! :D

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