I think Sam would feel left out. Because I'm a Seddier I think Sam has feelings for Freddie as for at the end of iSpeed Date. I think she would be really sad and depressed and since her life is not as good I think it would be really hard for Sam to deal with. I think the only reason why she was fine with it in iSaved Your Life was because she knew it wouldn't last. She also said it makes her want to puke up blood so you can tell she isn't a Creddie shipper. When Carly told Sam that her and Freddie Sam's face was full of shock and sadness. I think it would be pretty bad for Sam to see Carly and Freddie make out right in front of her. If Sam really does have feelings for Freddie her heart would be broken and crushed and Sam would become a third wheel. She would just be left in the background.

I need your opinions. Do you think Sam would be okay with it? Do you think she would try to steal Freddie away? Do you think she would try to break them up? Do you think Sam would become so depressed she'll stop messing with Freddie? Agree? Disagree? How do I know if you don't comment? :D

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