For me this question was more tougher to think about than the Sam one.

I think it would be hard for Carly to accept the fact that Sam and Freddie are in love since she has always known them as the bickering enemies they were. Some Seddiers think that Carly would try to steal Freddie away from Sam and if she really were to steal Freddie away I think she would only do it for two reasons. 1. She is jealous and has been in love with Freddie. 2. She is being cruel and is stealing Freddie away for a dumb reason that is most likely untrue. If she were to do that I think it would most likely be number 2 because Carly has been rejecting Freddie since Day 1 and I doubt that she's so in love with Freddie that she would actually steal him away or break them up and do such a thing to her best friend. If Sam and Freddie really were to date and Carly knew I think she would be shocked then she would accept it cause I don't think Carly's that big of a jerk but to some people especially Seddiers it's a bit in between if she would break them up or just accept and let them be happy. Besides it is easy for Carly to find a guy so if Sam and Freddie dated she wouldn't be left in the background cause she could find a guy easily.

I need your opinions. Do you think Carly would accept it? Do you think Carly would really try to break them up or steal Freddie away? Agree? Disagree? How do I know if you dont comment? :D

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