Hey guys! Well I had this idea cooped up in my mind for a while and I decided to make a blog about it. Now just pretend that a genie has come to grant you 3 wishes. Think about what your wishing for and say it clearly so the genie won't make a mistake LOL! Here's what I would wish for.

First wish: I wish the guy I have a huge crush on would kiss me.(I know i know. This is a ridiculous wish but I like him *SO* much!!! LOL!)

Second wish: I wish I was rich.(I know this wish is also ridiculous but hey who wouldn't want to be rich!! $$)

Third wish: I wish for world peace. (Finally a wish that *everyone* could use haha)

Now what would your 3 wishes be?? How do I know if you don't comment?? :D

PS: My fourth wish would be the homeless have a roof over their head.

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