Okay, we've been having a lot of problems lately. People are not staying strong in their ship and people(like me) are losing interest in iCarly because of the horrible wait for a new iCarly episode and I'm just going to tell you can blame Nickelodeon for that. I honestly think that Nick is too much of a coonhead to give an early air date so we can watch the episodes already!! I'm pretty much freaking out!! A lot of people or probably everybody are getting so sick of waiting long periods of time for an episode that's probably not all that great. You see how they did us with iSAFW. We waited a month and a half and everyody was freaking out over it but it turned out to be a big dissapointment for everybody. I don't see why Nick can't be like Disney Channel I mean they air a new episode every week but instead of Nick doing that they want us to rip our heads off and wait a month for each new episode. I'm starting to hate Nickelodeon and they're starting to freak the freak out of me but guys don't lose hope in your ship and stay strong. Don't let this wait get you down but it's obviously getting me down lol. I bet were all freaking out but don't lose interest in iCarly either.

Do you think Nick is trying to torture us? Do you think Nick is just trying to space the episodes out? Agree? Disagree? How do I know if you don't comment? :D Happy New Year!!

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