None of you have to tell me how ridiculous this blog is LOL!! I know already xD.

Okay well am I the only one who doesn't really like Nathan/Freddie's abs? I think he looked *much* better in season 2 and early season 3 without all those muscles. I understand that Nathan is becoming a man and all but was all that really worth it?? Freddie doesn't even look like a nerd/nub anymore LOL! And I find it odd that the writers are still making Sam stronger than Freddie. With all those muscles Freddie has it doesn't look like Sam has a chance. I think they should make an episode where Freddie becomes stronger than Sam. Oh well. I guess that's just how TV works LOL. I want boys to have some muscle. All I'm saying is I just don't like big muscles. I'm a fan of the skinny teenage boy figure lol.

Do you like big muscles or are you a fan of the skinny teenage boy figure like me? How do I know if you don't comment?? :D

(Note: I also *hate* that beard that Nathan wants to grow LOL! Does he think it's sexy or something? I think it's hedious. He should seriously shave it xD.)

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