Okay most of us have thought that Nick has always been unfair to Jennette. We felt like Nick and possibly Dan treated Miranda better than Jennette. Like the time when we found out that Miranda gets payed WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more than Jennette and that they're always giving all these compliments to Miranda and rarely none to Jennette and in my opinion Jennette is a way better actress. Well this time things have gone too far. First of all, they don't let Jennette get an independent award at the KCAs and a lot of us couldn't even hear when the man announced Jennette as best sidekick. Then, they spell Jennette's name wrong! I mean wtf? Jennette's been working for those crooks for FIVE years and they don't even know how to spell her name?? Wowwww. And finally, they only show her Generation Love video for 30 seconds when they promised to show her full one. That is just so mean!! And whenever Miranda and Victoria want to show their videos they show the full one. So UNFAIR! Even Jennette was ticked off about it! Everyone is even having a riot on Twitter about it and @Nickelodeontv lost 2,000 in 2 hours. They deserved it. Poor Jennette! Without her Nick and iCarly would crash and burn. I mean look at iWon't Cancel the Show. I didn't like it at all. Nick needs to treat Jennette with more respect.

Do you think Nick needs to be more respectful to Jennette or do you think people are just making a big deal out of it? Agree? Disagree? How do I know if you don't comment? :D

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