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Nicknames for Usernames

Hey peeps! Seddieftwyea gave me a great idea. So I decided to give nicknames for you guys! Hope you like it :)

Cartoonprincess: Cartoonkazoo, Cartooncrystal

Bunnyboo50: Bunnybean

Seddiegirl98: SeddieSuperiorgirl

Seddieftwyea: SeddieSHOOSHyea

Katydidit: Katykoopa, Jennettedidit

Rachim: Rachimoni

Magicboots: Magicbones

Lostar: Lollipopstar

NeveisCheese: Nevereatmycheese

Mazznick: Mazzjazz

Heeelllooo: HelloimonthePhone

Seddie fans rule the world237: Seddie fans rules the galaxy ( LOL Seddie craziness there)

Creddie33: 3Creddierseatingmybeef ( Do not know what made me come up with this lol)

SunriseDaisy: CrazyDaisies

Holy Chiz: HolyCheesyChips

LiSi: LiSiLetmeSee

Creddie 4 real: Creddie 4 roses

LalaCreddie: BadabadadaImLovinCreddie (from McDonalds commercial LOL)

Seddiafoeva: Seddiafojo

Lovin' Seddie: Lovin' Lilypads (I dunno why LOL! My crazy mind)

MaryanHPotterFan: MaryanisonHPotterLand

7creddie5: 7creddiersjumpingonmy5foottrampoline (LOL this was was long and so random!!)

1seddiefan: 1cookie

Randomseddiemoments: RandomFandom

Tencents: TenTulips

ILive4Seddie: ILive4Fizz

Redvelvetcupcakelove: LittleRedRidingHood!! (All I can say to this is Lolololo)

TomboyDaisy: DaisyisaLady

Kittygirl7878: KittyKoalaBear

SpencerandhisGoldfish: SpencerisGoldilocks

Seddie Shipper: SuperSeddieStar

Snowstah-x: SnowBow

Isa1200: PurpleIsaQ

Tokka is the epicness: TokkaCoconut

damonfan22: 22demons! Runforyoulives! (LOL)

ICarlyRulez5101: ICarlyRuleztheTools

zukosfiregirl22: zukoszoo

ISeddieFan101: Zoey101Seddie102

Cupcakegirl: Cupcakekoolaidshampoo

SeddieLynxxx: LynxxxLemonadeee

Courtneylover25: CourtneyisintheCourtHouse

Princess Ariana: The Grande by TenCents( sorry I got a little lazy LOL)

Fernanda Salvatore: FernandaSavannah

ObsessiveSeddieDisorder: ObsessiveOrange

KatyKat20: KatyKiteisonherBike

SeddieFanxx: SeddieFanaticZebra

Well there you have it! I know some of them weren't that good. If I didn't add you just tell me and I'll make sure to give a nickname for you too! :D

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