Note: My apoligies if this offends any Seddiers or Creddiers. This blog was meant for no harm.

Now I've heard many many times that Creddie is very cliche. Of course it is. It's like a princess/prince relationship or a fairy tale. Guy falls for girl and girl doesn't like him back. Girl eventually falls in love with the guy. They get married(in this term dating) and live happily ever after in a big castle(LOL). I completely agree that Creddie is cliche. I've seen the fairy tale type relationship in a lot of TV shows. More than I can count actually xD. That doesn't mean the fairly tail type can't be cute though.

Now moving on to Seddie. I don't think the love/hate type relationship is as cliche as the fairy tale one but I can't say it's not cliche at all. Guy and girl can't stand each other/are enemies at first but then they turn out to be in love with each other. I've also seen that in a lot of TV shows. I've seen that in a lot of Dan's shows(Drake and Josh, Zoey 101, ect...). I also have to say that Seddie is not as expected as Creddie. At the beginning of the show only a few people payed attention to Sam and Freddie. Most of us thought they hated each other which means Creddie was obviously the bigger ship. Heck, *I* was even a Creddie shipper LOL. We were thinking "Oh yeah those two are definitely going to get together soon." Then season 2 came along. Sam and Freddie became closer friends but still nobody payed attention to them. Now the episode you've been waiting for me to say, iKiss. After iKiss, A LOT more people payed attention to Sam and Freddie and the amount of Seddie shippers grew extremely. *Probably*, even more than Creddie shippers. Okay, enough of my yappin' about that xD.

So I think both of them are cliche but the love/hate relationship is a *bit* more unexpected. This is just my opinion. Feel free to dissagree.

Agree? Disagree? How do I know if you don't comment?? :D

edit: I just wanted to change what I said about the love/hate type was not as cliche as the fairy tale one. I now think they're equal :)

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