Note: I know I already made a blog like this called "Please Cut the Creddiers Some Slack" but this time it's about the Creddier's freedom.

Alright well I know sometimes what the Creddiers say can be offensive to Seddiers sometimes. In fact, I get offended too. It makes me a little upset. But here's the thing. It's THEIR page. What they say about us is on *their* page. If this was on the Seddie page then it would be different but it's not. We complain about the Creddiers sometimes on our page but you don't see any Creddiers coming to start a riot about it which is very unfair. I'm just so sick and tired of Seddiers starting some stupid argument with the Creddiers over something they said on their own page. Just LET IT GO. Complain about it on the Seddie page. Not the Creddie page. We have our freedom on our page but they can't have theirs?

Also it's pretty sad that the Creddiers have to create their own blog so they can rant about whatever they want. Isn't that sad? And the Seddiers have taken over that blog too? This is getting really ridiculous. It's like Seddiers have taken over the wiki. The Creddiers are going through a rough time right now. Their ship is going down the toilet and even worse that they can't even say what they want on their own page? WTF. The Creddiers on the wiki are one of the most nicest Creddie shippers ever. If I was them I would be really grumpy and mean and chew a Creddier out if they tried to take away my freedom. It's just really annoying how some Seddiers can be so insensitive and unfair. If you don't want to see comments like that then don't go on their page. Simple as that. Okay rant over.

Do you think the Creddiers should have their freedom?? Agree? Disagree? How do I know if you don't comment?? :D

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